Input Shapes Output

One of my biggest pet peeves is people saying “I can’t do this” before they have even started. Whatever “it” is, if you are already telling yourself that you cannot do it, then what are the chances that it could possibly happen? You have no idea how strong or how you will respond in that moment in time when it really matters. If you are going to create a self-fulfilling prophecy for yourself, why not create a positive one?

Building off of the Growth Equation (Stress + Rest + Preparation = Growth), one of the tenets is the fact that Input Shapes Output. Quite simply, what you put in is what you get out.

The most obvious of this is the physical: the food and liquid you put in your body. Your fuel. I don’t pretend to play a doctor on the internet or in real-life so I will leave it at quality and quantity of food and liquid is key and point you towards a doctor or R.D. for more help.

Input Shaping Output also involves the mental side- what enters your mind and what you let resonate. This includes TV, books, music, podcasts, and conversations. The information that you input into your mind informs your thinking patterns, and it influences your output in the form of the decisions you make, the work you produce, and the interactions you have. Motivation is a reflection of what you put in your brain.

Within the Self-Trust Cycle, how you talk to/with yourself is fueled by your thoughts. This self-talk creates your attitude. Your attitude then influences your actions. Self-Talk, Attitude, Actions…This is a never-ending cycle that determines how you view the world and events around you. This self-talk reveals one’s self-trust. Self-Trust is belief in one’s ability to succeed in specific situations, also known as self-confidence and self-efficacy. Inputting good, positive thoughts from the beginning of this cycle is required for optimal Output. Faith (belief in the unknown) in the fact that good Input will lead to a great Output is an essential ingredient. The mentally stronger you are the easier it is to get physically stronger.

A final part deals with one’s effort in practice/training/work. Under pressure, we never rise to the occasion; we either rise or fall to our level of preparation for that moment in time. Your achievement level will always match your level of preparation. You cannot get out what you did not put in. Within the realm of E+R=O, every desired Outcome requires a certain Response from you. What is not always realized is that this Response may be both physical and mental. Don’t equate a delay of consequences with no consequences. Just because the Output was not what you expected at this point in time, does not mean that the Input will lead to a better Output down the road. Faith.

Luck is the residue of design. -Branch Rickey

Inputting good vibes/fuel/effort is Simple but not Easy. Faith is Simple but not Easy. Eating healthy, nutrient dense foods every meal is simple, but not Easy. Reading propitious books instead of watching TV or Netflix is Simple, but not Easy. Staying positive and believing in yourself is Simple, but not Easy- especially if things did not previously go as planned. Not blaming or complaining is Simple, but not Easy. Staying in the moment and not look ahead anxiously is Simple, but not Easy. Getting good at the Simple not Easy things in life will lead to doing really well with life.

The above examined how Input Shapes Output at an individual level, but the the principles explored also apply to groups, organizations, and teams. You cannot get out, what you did not put in. Put good in-Get good out.

Life’s been good to me so far,


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