5 AM: The Hour of Legends

I came across a tweet that said “5 AM- The Hour Legends are Made”. Ironically, it was just before 5am when I read this. And at first my ego said, “Yes! That’s right! Becoming a legend.” Rather than take a moment to understand why I can relate and believe that this is true, I took it as validation for my current 4:30 AM wake up call.

Thinking about the mathematics of 5 AM: The Hour of Legends, it does make sense. Let’s begin with the baseline assumption that adults need 7 hours of sleep (https://sleepfoundation.org/excessivesleepiness/content/how-much-sleep-do-we-really-need-0). You convince yourself that you need more than that- buy into the required 7 hours, stick to it, and embrace it.

By getting up early, you are ABLE TO get more work done in the day. ABLE TO does not mean WILL get more done- it sets you up for more waking hours in the day to get started/continue on/finish whatever it is that consumes your day and life. The best chocolate chip cookies are made from the very best ingredients. Life is made up one moment after another after another-moments are the ingredients. Success requires 2 things: you to be in the moment and you to wIN more moments than you lose. To wIN the moment, you have to be in the moment. By getting up earlier you have more moments to be in and thus, more opportunities to wIN moments.

Not everybody who gets up at 5 will become a legend. You still have to do the work, and doing the work at 5 AM can take a lot of discipline-driven behavior (intentional-purposeful-skillful). Unfortunately hard work does not have a guilt free substitute like sugar does with Splenda.

To get this to stick and make it a habit in your life, as tough as it may be, you have to adopt a “No Matter What” attitude. “No Matter What” is baseline information- something that is going on that deserves to be acknowledged but should not stop you. You are tired, ok-got it, let’s get up and get to work. You have a runny nose, ok-got it, let’s get up and get to work. My bed is so comfortable, ok-got it, let’s get up and get to work. List any physical/mental condition, ok-got it, let’s get up and get to work.

Use “5 AM: The Hour of Legends” as your mantra when the alarm goes off. Let it produce an emotion inside of you. Emotion is Latin for “Evoke Motion”. Emotion is thus an energy source that can motivate you to do whatever it is that you need to do. Use the phrase to create an Emotion inside of you and use this free energy to get you out of bed and to the coffee pot.  

I am more of morning person, so I can relate to this more than the person who says “Midnight- The Hour Legends are Made.” But the same holds true for night owls who work better at night. Notice I said work better, not party harder 🙂  

Embracing and executing 5 AM as the “Hour of Legends” is not easy and takes practice. It is a skill that must be built, maintained, and strengthened. If you don’t work in the dark, then you won’t shine in the light.

Be Better Than Yesterday,



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