You Get What You Work For, Not What You Want

You Get What You Work For, Not What You Want.

If you do the necessary work, then you get what you want. If you do not meet that standard, then you do not get what you want. Work is a very general term and is context specific on your desired outcome. Work is not just physical, but largely mental as well. Your preparation and training for what you aspire to do/become represents work.

Your desired Outcome has required Response that you must give. You can either give that required Response or not, there is no in between. If you did not reach your desired Outcome, that is feedback that your Response (your work/training/preparation) did not meet the standard that your goal state required. To reach that end goal, you have to do what is demanded of you. There are no shortcuts or secrets. It takes what it takes for as long as it takes.

We never rise to the occasion, we either rise or fall to our level of training/preparation for that moment in time. Your level of achievement will always match your level of training and preparation. Your performance is in direct relation to your preparation. Again, preparation can be just as much physical as it is mental.  “Winning is the science of being totally prepared.” -George Allen

What Does This Process Look Like?

– Begin with the end in mind. What do you want to do or become?

– Plot the necessary and prescribed steps to reach this end.

– Do the work. Do what is required of you to reach this end, no more-no less.

– Didn’t work out? Try again, this time with more knowledge-you now know what doesn’t work.

Repeated mistakes are a decision.

– Embrace the process and focus on being just a little bit better than yesterday. Consistently and repeatedly being just a little bit better than the day before will lead to a great tomorrow.

Be Better Than Yesterday,




For more on E+R=O, check out Focus3

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