The Not So Popular “Secret” To Success

The not so popular “secret” to success….figure out what you want and then work as hard as you can for as long as it takes. It is that simple. However, simple does not mean easy.

One of the most important parts of the above sentence is the “You”. Nobody else can do the work for You. You are the one that has to commit and do what is required of you- purposefully, consistently, repeatedly.

Within the lens of Event + Response = Outcome (E+R=O), every desired outcome in your life has a required response that you must give. You can either give that required response or not, the choice is yours. The bigger the desired Outcome, the bigger and longer the required Response on your part. (Shout out to Focus3

The issue for most is that their want ethic is stronger than their work ethic. Yes, you do need a want ethic; you have to have your end in mind (your desired Outcome). Let this want ethic be the gasoline that fuels your work ethic. If your vision is a better tomorrow than today, you have to focus on what you do today. Let your vision fuel your focus. Your today’s build your tomorrow’s.

The best source of motivation is realizing where you currently are in relation to where you want to be. The distance between your current and desired state is called hard work. Do not wish it was easier- make yourself better.

It takes what it takes for as long as it takes- No more, No less. Just like the world’s best chocolate chip cookies- the exact amount of ingredients cooked at the required time and temperature.

Be Better Than Yesterday,


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