Why Supernova?

Stellar evolution, the life cycle of a star, hits its peak in the supernova stage. Supernovas can outshine entire galaxies and radiate more energy than our sun will in its entire lifetime. As with our lives, there are various stages that a star (and person) must go through to hit this peak. This blog is intended to not just help you go through life, but grow through it. The main focus and mission is helping you be “Better Than Yesterday”… BTY.

“Elite” meaning the best version of yourself, the goal is to Be Elite in as many situations as many times as possible in your daily life. This chase for elite is not a competition with anyone else, rather a you vs. you battle. You have no control over the (in)actions of others; you are are always in control of what you do (or do not do). Recognize this fact, Embrace this fact, and Use this fact to be elite in your every day life.

Through my experiences as an educator, coach, and athlete I will share my thoughts on the physics of success…the steps it takes to become a supernova.

The launching point of this blog was my TEDx speech on mindset and attitude:




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